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Helpful Calculators

These Windows only calculators can help you with your car.

Compression Ratio Calculator

This calculator is for determining the compression ratio of your engine. Knowing your engines╩╝ compression ratio is a MUST when assembling or rebuilding it. Your CR determines your fuel type, engine heating characteristics, horsepower and longevity. For street applications it is recommended that your CR is between 7.7:1 and 8.0:1. For other applications please call us and we can give advise based on your engines╩╝ variables. Download ACVWCR.exe here by right-clicking and saving the program to your computer.

Transaxle Gearing Calculator

This calculator / graph allows you to see what effect your tire size has on your engine RPMs as well as allowing you to select proper gearing for your new transaxle. For extended cruising we recommend that you run your engine between 3200 and 3800 RPMs for proper cooling of your air-cooled engine. Download ACVWGears.exe here by right-clicking and saving the program to your computer.

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