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Alternator or Generator Pulley; Generator/Alternator Woodruff Key

Part #N127051

This is the pulley on the generator that holds the belt. When replacing the pulley, make sure you have a total of eight shims. Place the pulley half, with the key way in it, on the generator. Install three shims, the belt and the other pulley half. Now place the other five shims on the generator, then the bell and the nut. Tighten the nut, letting the belt slip and the engine turn. Once the belt has ridden all the way up, use a screwdriver in the slot and tighten the nut. Check the tension of the belt. If it's too loose, take out a shim in the middle and add it to the outside. If it's too tight, add one from the outside to the middle. Note: If you run the belt too tight, you will ruin the bearings in the generator. It is imperative you have a total of eight shims, otherwise you will be throwing pulleys and buying a new generator.

Bug (Type 1) : All
Bus (Type 2) : All
Type 3 : All
Ghia (Type 4) : All
Thing (Type 5) : All
Race & Off-Road : All
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