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Bus Link Pin Kits; New Brazilian, kit

Part #211 498 041ABR

Kits contain the pins, bearings and shims which attach the spindle on king and link front ends to the axle beam. They allow the spindle to move up and down. The only way you can check yours is to tear them out of the spindle. Once you have them out look for pits in the pin, outer race and bearing. Count your shims and make sure you have 8 per pin. The reason you don't see 1963 listed is on a 63 it is one or the other. 1955-1962 is a 20mm pin and 1964-1967 is a 22mm pin. You will also see here good used parts as well.

Bus (Type 2) : 64-67
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Bus (Type 2): 64-67   #211 498 041ABR $109.95
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