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KYB Shocks; Rear Gas-A-Just

Part #2513002

KYB's are the best selling monotube replacement shock in the U.S.A.. The Gas-A-Just's monotube design and high pressure gas, absolutely eliminate the age old problem of performance fade. This fade is caused in two-tube style shocks, when air is allowed to mix with fluid and it produces foaming. KYB's Gas-A-Just shocks constantly push downward, seeking adhesion to the road. Stock shocks depend on gravity or springs to re-extend them, leaving you with less rubber on the road through turns or bumps. Combine KYB's with heavy duty sway bars for ultimate stability. You might be slow, but you don't have to be blown off the road. KYB's have a lifetime guarantee. We highly recommend KYB shocks and strut inserts.

Bus (Type 2) : Vanagon
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