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Nose Cones; Plug for rev switch

Part #113 301 229A

This is the front of the transmission that houses the shift lever. Used ones are fine as long as the bushings are good and they're not cracked. Note: Use a new gasket with Gasgacinch for a sealer. Don't over tighten the 11mm nuts. For those of you who are putting a syncro style trans into a 53-59 Bug, you'll need the Bus nose cone and front mount. Those of you with a 60 Bug, punt.

Bug (Type 1) : 67-79
Bus (Type 2) : 67-79
Type 3 : 67-74
Ghia (Type 4) : 67-79
Thing (Type 5) : 73-74
Race & Off-Road : 67-
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