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Transmission Mainshaft Bearings; Made in China

Part #002 311 123A

This is the main culprit of a noisy transmission. The way to check your bearing is to push the clutch in while you are driving. If the noise goes away, then it's the mainshaft bearing. When the clutch is in, the throw-out bearing supports the mainshaft which quiets the mainshaft bearing. If your bearing is bad, we suggest you take your transmission to someone who knows transmissions. Replacing this bearing isn't something the average person can do.

Bug (Type 1) : 73-79
Bus (Type 2) : 72-75
Type 3 : 73-74
Ghia (Type 4) : 73-74
Thing (Type 5) : 73-74
Race & Off-Road : 73-
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