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Transmission Mounts Stock; Front

Part #311 301 265B

These rubber mounts hold the transmission in place. Check your old mounts while the transmission is in the car. To check the rear mounts, take a pry bar and place it between the saddle and bellhousing and pry up. If the transmission moves, the rear mounts are bad. To check the front mount, place the pry bar between one of the forks and the transmission and pry up. If the nose of the transmission moves, replace the front mount. Stick shift movement on acceleration and deceleration are symptoms of a broken front mount. Note: Don't use solid mounts on the street. The noise that's transmitted through the tunnel will drive you crazy.

Bug (Type 1) : 66-72
Type 3 : 66-67
Ghia (Type 4) : 66-72
Thing (Type 5) : 73-74
Race & Off-Road : 66-72
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