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Wolfgang Billet Valve Covers

Part #1101476BWG

Wolfgang Billet Valve Covers

There are a few companys making billet valve covers and I have used a few of them and liked them. But we decided to make our own with a few  differences.
Each cover is made out of a solid chunk of aluminum. We went to great lengths to get them centered on the heads. Rocker stands vary, so we got them as close as possible on a stock casting head. We used a thick o-ring material for a good seal. By using an o-ring you can take them on an off a lot without having to replace a gasket. Most applications of this type of valve cover is going to be on race engines that need a  breather vent, so we made the -8AN fitting right into the cover. The outer edge of the cover we radius as much as we could to make as much room as possible for any body clearance issues. Putting these on a stock bug engine will more than likely still require some body clearancing . On the seals for the bolts we are using a
tubular seal instead of just a small o-ring. We just feel its easier to deal with when taking them on and off. They come in any color you like as long as its black.

Intro price of $269.95 per set

Bug (Type 1) : 1200-1600
Bus (Type 2) : 1200-1600
Type 3 : 1200-1600
Ghia (Type 4) : 1200-1600
Race & Off-Road : 1200-1600
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