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Engine Specifications and Torque Recomendations

Crankcase nuts
Crankcase 8mm nuts 15 ft/lbs
Crankcase 12mm nuts 25 ft/lbs
Cylinder head nuts
Stock 8mm studs 18 ft/lbs.
Chromoly 8mm studs 23 ft/lbs
10mm studs 25 ft/lbs
Connecting Rod Bolts
Stock T-1 25 ft/lbs.
Aftermarket H-Beam/ARP Bolts
(or as specified by manufacturer)
29 ft/lbs
Generator Fan Bolt 40 ft/lbs.
Spark Plug 25 ft/lbs.
Oil Drain Plug 25 ft/lbs.
Rocker Arm Shaft Nut 18 ft/lbs.
Clutch Pressure Plate 18 ft/lbs.
Stock Gland Nut 217 to 250 ft/lbs.
Racing Gland Nut 217 to 250 ft/lbs.
Valve Adjusting Nut 18 ft/lbs.


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