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Night Stick Short Shifter

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Night Stick Short Shifter Super short shift for quick shifting Ideal for racing, hot rodding, and off road applications

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Vintage Gauges - Oil Temp Beige 2 1/16"

$49.95 Add to cart

Keep that vintage look! This gauge series is the closest to stock style gauges on the market, made by ISP West. We highly recommend oil temp, oil pressure, and a tach.

Bug (Type 1): All
Bus (Type 2): All
Type 3: All
Ghia (Type 4): All
Thing (Type 5): All
Race/Off-Road: All

Wolfgang Racing Rods

$350.00 Add to cart

We’ve teamed up with Neil & Parks to create a new Rod & Cap option for anyone running a Pauter “Big Block VW”. The Aluminum rod is made by MGP, and we are custom cutting the rod and cap to achieve a self-centering “cracking” application. These caps clear everything in a Pauter block.

Bus Shaped MP3 Speaker

$29.95 Add to cart

Portable Bus Shaped Speaker. MP3, Bluetooth, USB connectivity. Universal compatibility. Lights up when on.

Type 2 Transaxle Stabilizer (Mid-Mount)

$149.95 Add to cart

This is a bolt on kit that reduces torsional stress felt at the front of the nose cone mount and rotational stress on the bell housing mounts.

Women's Nostalgia Racing Tank

$15.00 Add to cart

While you're grabbing a new racing shirt for yourself, it's probably a good idea to get one for your lady too. Nostalgia logo on back, Small Wolfgang logo with racing stripes down the front.

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Nostalgia Racing Shirt - RED

$20.00 Add to cart

New racing shirts are now in stock!

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Nostalgia Racing Shirt - BLACK

$20.00 Add to cart

We now have new racing t-shirts in stock! Available in black or red

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Bus Drink Holder Basket - White

$29.95 Add to cart

This handy basket hangs from the vent slots to allow you to finally have the cup holder you've always dreamed of. The front spring loaded pocket is a nice place to store your cell phone, or maybe to hold your registration for when the cops pull you over for going too slow. Available in black and white.


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