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Parts that require cores/core charges:

Steering Boxes

211 415 049BWG 55-66

211 415 049FWG 68-72

211 415 049HWG 73-79


211 498 211AWG 55-62

211 498 211BWG 63 Only

211 498 211CWG 64-67

111 498 041WG Bug

Lowered Spindles

2498211A 55-62

2498211B 63 Only

2498211C 64-67


Ball Joint Arms

311 405 371WG Bug

211 405 371AWG 68-70

211 405 371BWG 71-79

Straight Axle Kit




All steering box cores must be sent first, before we can send you a rebuilt one. Our stock on these are so low that we cannot chance people not sending cores back. Your box must be and “F” box for 68-72 or a “ZE” or “ATE” box for 55-67. We cannot use any other cores, so please check that you have a rebuildable box before sending.

For all other cores, you have two options. You can send in your core first to avoid having to pay the core fee up front when ordering, or, you can pay the core charge and when we get your core in we will credit you back. You can choose to have it refunded to your card or you can have it put as credit on your account toward future purchases. When sending your core to us, please include your full name and telephone number.. You may choose to have your specific item rebuilt and sent back to you, but that must be made apparent when you send in your core.

We will call you after we have received and reviewed your cores. Most of the cores we receive are rebuildable, however, there are a few that are not able to be rebuilt. We will let you know when we call you whether yours are rebuildable or not, and figure out the next step.

Some reasons why your item might not be accepted:

Steering Boxes:

- Bent steering shaft 55-62

- Completely rusted, won’t turn

- Peg & worm destroyed


- Worn out king pin housing

- Bent spindle

- Spindle threads hammered, cut, or modified

Ball Joints:

- Bent

- Bearing surface pitted/destroyed


- Bearing surface too bent, modified, broken.

There may be an additional fee if your item is damaged, yet salvageable/repairable. Steering boxes that are not usable will be sent back and you will need to find another usable core before you can purchase a rebuilt box.

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