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Bus Overhead Gauge Panel

This overhead fiberglass gauge housing is designed to fit all busses 1955-1967

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Wolfgang has been in business since 1994, although the staff and employees here have been in this line of work for most of their lives. Every employee owns a VW and every product that we sell, has been tested on our own cars. If you have a question about a product, we will tell you what we think, good or bad. If for some reason you don't see what you are looking for, please call; we probably have it, will tell you why we don’t or we'll tell you where to find it.

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Brake Adjusting Stars And Screws

$4.95 Add to cart

These are the screws and adjusting stars that freeze up and keep you from adjusting your brakes.

Learn more about Brake Adjusting Stars And Screws

Red Long Sleeved Logo Shirt (Small)

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Good looking shirts with the Wolfgang logo for those cooler nights.

Learn more about Red Long Sleeved Logo Shirt (Small)

Rear Safari Windows

$344.95 Add to cart

This makes the rear window pop out like the front windows.

Learn more about Rear Safari Windows

Front Safari Windows

$589.95 Add to cart

Safaris let those warm, palmy breezes blow through your bus.

based on 3 reviews

Learn more about Front Safari Windows

Bug Safari

$515.95 Add to cart

This Bug Safari window is constructed as a dual-channel, steel frame that accepts 3/16" safety glass and an outer lip seal.  The basic "Assemble-At-Home". The raw steel option is for those who want to completely customize their window frame.

based on 6 reviews

Learn more about Bug Safari

Latest products

Newest products directly from manufacturers!

Wolfgang Billet Valve Covers

$269.95 Add to cart

Wolfgang Billet Valve Covers There are a few companys making billet valve covers and I have used a few of them and liked them. But we decided to make our own with a few differences.

Night Stick Short Shifter

$179.95 Add to cart

Night Stick Short Shifter Super short shift for quick shifting Ideal for racing, hot rodding, and off road applications

based on 3 reviews

Vintage Gauges - Oil Temp Beige 2 1/16"

$59.95 Add to cart

Keep that vintage look! This gauge series is the closest to stock style gauges on the market, made by ISP West. We highly recommend oil temp, oil pressure, and a tach.

Bug (Type 1): All
Bus (Type 2): All
Type 3: All
Ghia (Type 4): All
Thing (Type 5): All
Race/Off-Road: All

Wolfgang Racing Rods

$350.00 Add to cart

We’ve teamed up with Neil & Parks to create a new Rod & Cap option for anyone running a Pauter “Big Block VW”. The Aluminum rod is made by MGP, and we are custom cutting the rod and cap to achieve a self-centering “cracking” application. These caps clear everything in a Pauter block.

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