Part #: N107101

Screws - Tin screw w/washer

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This is a list of the most common screws you might need..


Bug (Type 1): All
Bus (Type 2): All
Type 3: All
Ghia: All
Thing: All
Race/Off-Road: All

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Part #: 043129893

Throttle Cable Tubes - For carb that has a spring.

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This is the tube that goes through the fan shroud that the accelerator cable threads through.


Bug (Type 1): 28PICT-34PICT4
Bus (Type 2): 28PICT-34PICT4
Ghia: 28PICT-34PICT4
Thing: 28PICT-34PICT4
Race/Off-Road: 28PICT-34PICT4

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Part #: 111701475A

Pan Jack Support - Left or right

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This is what your stock jack goes into, to jack up the car.


Bug (Type 1): 61-79
Type 3: 61-74
Ghia: 61-74
Thing: 73-74
Race/Off-Road: 61-79

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Part #: 211827905

Licence Plate Bracket - Front

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This bracket holds the license plate to the car.


Bug (Type 1): front,68-79
Bus (Type 2): rear,50-79
Ghia: rear,56-74
Thing: front or rear,73-74

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