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Safari Friction Washers, Each

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This nylon washer goes on the wing bolt keeping the bolt from chewing up the slide on the safari window. Washers sold individually 8 are required for Front Safaris and 4 are required for Rear Safaris.


Bug (Type 1): 58-64

Bus (Type 2): 55-67

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Part #: N107101

Screws - Tin screw w/washer

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This is a list of the most common screws you might need..


Bug (Type 1): All
Bus (Type 2): All
Type 3: All
Ghia: All
Thing: All
Race/Off-Road: All

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Sunroof Parts - Gear

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These are all of the parts that we can get our hands on for metal sunroof bugs.


Bug (Type 1): 64-78
Bus (Type 2): 68-79
Type 3: 62-73
Off-Road: 64-78

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