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Safari Friction Washers

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This nylon washer goes on the wing bolt keeping the bolt from chewing up the slide on the safari window.


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Cruising With Safari Windows. AIR-TECH

Cruising With Safari Windows. AIR-TECH

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Cruising with Safari Windows 

In this article I'm going to be talking to you people who have safari  windows. Are they cool? Hell yes they're cool. Want to know what’s not cool? When you crack your glass. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.


So you bought and installed your safari windows, congrats! Now it’s time to be cool and show off to your buddies. You open them and drive down the driveway. “Aw man this is the shit. So cool.” You get on the highway and up to speed and you now see a crack going from one side to the other, right through the middle of the windshield. Congrats! You just lost your cool factor. What the hell? 


You’re probably thinking “Man I just paid good money for these and now I have to pay to get the glass replaced”. So before that happens to you, here is what’s going on and how to prevent it. The wind is pushing against the bottom of the frame. The window doesn’t close down because of the stays (slides). The pressure of the wind is increasing with your speed. The frame is going to flex where the two halfs join together. The glass will now flex at that joint and that is where the crack starts. 

We’ve heard, “Well then the manufacturer should make it a one piece frame.” Well, if it’s one piece how are they going to get the frame around the glass. Sorry but it has to be two pieces. Well if I can’t open them without cracking them what the hell good are they? Here is the secret to safaris. If you are under lets say 15mph you can open them and shouldn’t have any problems. If you’re getting up to speeds over that then you need to bring down the amount of uneven pressure on the glass. 

Here is what I do- I have the window open Then I close the latches. Next I loosen up the wing bolts on the stays (slides) and with my hand on the glass let the window close. Now the latches will hit the rubber keeping the window open about an inch. I leave the wing bolts loose. Now the wind pressure is on the bottom of the frame and transfers the load to the latches. No load is on the stays as they are loose. This way there is no stress on the glass. I still get some wind through the vehicle and I won’t get a ticket either for an open windshield. You can barely tell its open. When I slow back down, I just take my hand and open the window and tighten the wing bolts. Want to get more air flow through the vehicle? Make sure you have one of your quarter windows open or the rear open to get the air moving.

Now you can go back to looking cool and say no to crack, kids.

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