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Safari Friction Washers, Each

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This nylon washer goes on the wing bolt keeping the bolt from chewing up the slide on the safari window. Washers sold individually 8 are required for Front Safaris and 4 are required for Rear Safaris.

  • Bug (Type 1): 58-64
  • Bus (Type 2): 55-67
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Screws - Tin screw w/washer

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This is a list of the most common screws you might need..

  • Bug (Type 1): All
  • Bus (Type 2): All
  • Type 3: All
  • Ghia: All
  • Thing: All
  • Race/Off-Road: All
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  • Accelerator Pump
    Published : 06/29/2022 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    Accelerator Pump -Written by Steve Phillips for Hot VWs magazine- Eventually, it will start pulling fuel and the RPMs will go up and as they go up it will pull more and more vacuum, then things will start to be happy. As you can see, we need RPMs to create vacuum, but we need the fuel to create that RPM and it is controlled by vacuum. In other words, you need the chicken to lay the egg, yet the egg makes the chicken. This is where the accelerator pump comes in. As you open the [...]

  • Dry Sump Vs. Wet Sump
    Published : 05/26/2022 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    Dry Sump Vs. Wet Sump -Written by Steve Phillips for Hot VWs magazine- In this article, I'll be discussing two different types of oiling systems: wet sump and dry sump. What are they? What do they do? Which one is best for me? Let's start with the wet sump. What does it mean to have a wet sump? It means that we store the oil capacity in the bottom of the engine. This is how most stock engines operate. It works by having the oil sit in the bottom of the engine and when the engine is [...]

  • Hard Start
    Published : 04/29/2022 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    Hard Start -Written by Steve Phillips for Hot VWs magazine-        In this article, I’ll be talking about an aftermarket relay called a Hard start. (No, it’s not a hammer). “Alright, Steve. What is it? Do I need one? What does it do?” First, we will address whether you need one and then I’ll give you all the details you’ll need for installation. Do you ever find yourself turning the ignition switch, but you just get clicking? You have replaced the switch, the starter, the battery, etc.… s [...]

  • Alternator Conversion
    Published : 03/23/2022 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    Alternator conversion -Written by Steve Phillips for Hot VWs magazine- In this article, I want to talk about doing and alternator conversion on an upright engine. That meaning all Bugs, Ghias, Things, and Buses up to 1971. Is an alternator the way to go? As with most things, there are pros and cons to having them. Can I put an alternator on my engine and is that the way to go? I’ll explain my opinion and let you come to your own conclusion. From my experience, generators are more r [...]

  • Super Beetle Wobble
    Published : 02/25/2022 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    Super Beetle Wobble -Written by Steve Phillips for Hot VWs magazine- In this article, I’ll be addressing those of you with Super Beetles. Most of the ones I’ve driven have that infamous 55 mile per hour wobble. You’re cruising along, sipping that coffee, hop on the highway and BAM! You’re wearing your coffee. Like clockwork, when the Super Beetle hits 55mph, it shakes. Most people go buy a steering dampener, or stabilizer, as it’s also referred to. (Basically, a shock). This can help mend [...]

  • Axle Boots
    Published : 01/28/2022 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    Axle Boots -Written by Steve Phillips for Hot VWs magazine- In this article, I’ll be talking about axle boots. Most of you know what an axle boot is, but for those of you who do not, this is the boot that goes around the axle tube on a swing axle transmission or around the axle and CV of an IRS transmission. If you have a stock Bug, Ghia, Type 3 up to 1968, or Bus up to 1967, you have swing axle. If you have a 1968 and later Bus, 1969 and later Bug, Ghia, Type 3, or 1973-1974 Thing, you [...]

  • Stock Engine Cases
    Published : 12/23/2021 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    Stock engine cases (blocks) -Written by Steve Phillips for Hot WVs Magazine- As I rack my brain, deciding on the topic for the next article, I find myself distracted, daydreaming about blocks and how I can get my hands on them.  As other people in the industry know, trying to get new, stock engine blocks this last year has been a joke. I was able to get 3, in July, but haven’t been able to get any since. There are many rumors about what’s going on, but the bottom line of what I’m hear [...]

  • Off-road Engine Build
    Published : 11/28/2021 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    Off-road Engine Build - Written by Steve Phillips for HotVWs Magazine In this article, I’m going to talk about building an off-road engine, mainly for sand rails. This is my preferred combination and there are many different combos out there, but this is what works for me: First, we will talk about sizing. If you’re going to play in the sand, you will need a stroker crank. Why? Well, being in the sand is like pulling a hill even when you’re on flat ground. We need the stroke for t [...]

  • Lowering Your Swing Axle Car
    Published : 09/28/2021 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    In this article I would like to discuss the pros and cons of lowering your swing axle. What is a swing axle? Swing axles came in the early bugs, ghias, type 3 up to 1968 and buses up to 1967.

  • Lowered Spindles. AIR-TECH
    Published : 07/27/2021 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    In this article I would like to talk about lowered spindles. Good idea? Bad idea? Bang for the buck? If you are thinking about lowering your vehicle in the front, I think it’s a great idea.

  • Gauges - The ones you really should be running. AIR-TECH
    Published : 06/04/2021 | Categories : Air Tech Articles , Tech-Tips

    Gauges. Do I need them? What gauges are we talking about? I'm going to discuss what I think works and what I have been doing for the last 40 years.

  • Stock Crankcase Breather vs. Aftermarket Breathers. AIR-TECH
    Published : 04/27/2021 | Categories : Tech-Tips

    Stock Crankcase Breather vs. Aftermarket Breathers In this article I want to talk about breathers on your engine.

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